Together Dawn and Dale Montgomery of Montgomery Border Collies make their home on the farm, North West of Maple Creek. They have been raising and training Border Collies since the 1980s.

Dale’s experience with dogs goes back to his youth; he was never without a dog. Dale was raised on a ranch and feedlot not far from Maple Creek. He gained a vast knowledge of stockmanship from his days helping his dad on the ranch. This stock sense has been a major asset in everyday stock handling as well as in competition.

In 1987 Dale left the Rodeo and team roping world behind and devoted much of his time to raising and training Border Collies. Through Dale’s custom training business, hundreds of dogs have come and gone on the farm, adding to his vast experience of handling dogs with different personalities and temperaments.

Since the late 1990s the Montgomery’s have spent their summers herding sheep on leafy spurge grazing projects. The dogs required for this type of work have to have power, stamina, soundness, and a huge desire to work under any circumstances. This is the type of dog that the Montgomery’s strive to raise.

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Photos by Papermoon Photography
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